Claim TPA Information

Claim Third Party Administrator (TPA) Information

SSIU’s carriers assign Third Party Administrators (TPAs) for the adjustment of claims. Insureds will be contacted directly by the Field Adjuster assigned by the TPA. If the Insured questions the person who has contacted them and would like confirmation of their Claim Administrator, please use the below as reference:

Locate the Authority Reference Number on the Declarations Page in order to determine the Third Party Administrator assigned to that Policyholder.

Authority Reference Number | Third Party Administrator
B1284UB20A446A | Bridgewater Group
B1284UB19A446A  | Bridgewater Group
B1284UB19A760A | Bridgewater Group
B1284UB19A1066A | Synergy Adjusting
B1284UB20A1066A | Bridgewater Group
B1284UB19A831A | Synergy Adjusting
B1284UB20A831A | Mills Mehr
B1284UB19A1097A | Mills Mehr
B1284UB20A1097A | Mills Mehr
B1284UB20A1126A | Bridgewater
SSU001 | Johns Eastern Company

Field Adjusters by Third Party Administrator
Bridgewater Group: Cook Claims, Cross Country, Field Pros Direct, Bridgewater Group
Mills Mehr: Cat Claims Unlimited
Johns Eastern: JE Cat Adjusters
Synergy Adjusting: Provecher, Capstone, FSG – Synergy Group, 1-Call Claims, ACSI

John’s Eastern Call Center for Claim Follow-up Questions:
(800) 767.9480 ext 1290