For Policyholders


The first step after a loss is to ensure the safety of you and your family.  Then, the following steps should be taken:

  • If indicated by the nature of the loss, contact the appropriate governmental authorities (e.g., the fire department in the event of a fire loss, or the police department if a theft occurs.
  • If possible, take photos and/or video of the damage.
  • Take reasonable action to prevent further damage.
  • Keep accurate records/documentation of any expenses incurred in the process of temporary repairs/measures completed to prevent further damage. An example would be having a tarp placed over an opening in the roof after a wind loss, or engaging a mitigation company to minimize the impact of water damages to the interior of the phone.
  • Start preparing an inventory of damages property, including descriptions and any documentation that may help support its valuation.

Policyholders are encouraged to contact their agent when possible to file a claim, as they may have multiple policies with their agent.  Your agent will confirm that the claim is being filed under the correct policy and will collect the information necessary to initiate the claim.


If the agent cannot be reached, policyholders may report claims directly to SSIU by clicking on the Insured Claim Submission button below.  The process is greatly expedited by locating the Declarations Page of your policy; this can be used to verify the precise name, policy number, and address on the policy to match the claim to the correct policy.  In addition to the policy information, you will be asked to provide details regarding when and how the loss occurred, in addition to describing the damages.

For Agents

Agents may report claims by logging into the SSIU Agent Portal and taking the following steps:

  • Click Submit FNOL/Claim from the navigation menu.
  • Enter the policy number or insured name and claim Search to locate the policy.
  • When the policy is located, claim Claim Request to the right of the policy record.
  • Verify the policy details and complete the claim filing process by providing the requested information, in addition to uploading any available supporting documents and/or photos.
  • Click Submit.

When an adjuster is assigned after the claim is created, the agent will receive an email with the adjuster’s name and contact information.

Claims submission via the SSIU Agent Portal is the quickest and most accurate method to file a claim.  If the agent encounters a technical issue with respect to the portal, a First Notice of Loss may be emailed to